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​​Service for the customer service center of the special needs

​1)  Providing a guideline printed in Braille for visual special needs at the customer service center, in order for demonstrating and explaining the services of the foundation.

2)     Providing wheelchair service for the visitors of the customer service center of the special needs. ​

3)  Providing a assistance service to the special needs via the direct contact with the customer service center

4)   ​Offering the letters and cheques delivery service to the residence of the special needs.

The Facilities

1)   Appointing accessible qualified staff for supporting and assisting the special needs and give them the priority to conclude their transactions.

2)   Providing special passages at the entrance of the foundation, in order to facilitate access to the special needs.

3)   Providing special parking assigned for the special needs opposite to the foundation building.

4)   Offering wheelchairs for the special needs.

5)   Providing integrated toilets and commodities specially equipped for the special needs at the foundation building.

6)   Providing elevators designated for special needs in the building.

7)   Providing of rough and non-slip flooring and with low sloping to be fitted with supporting metal rails.

8)   Providing automatic doors for facilitating the entry and exit

9)    ​Providing a call system in the toilets of the special needs in case of requiring assistance or in the emergency cases.

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