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​​​Our Vision   

​​Qualified Minor and Growing Waqf​​

Our Mission   ​

​​To become a worldwide model to follow in developing endowments and qualifying & empowering every minor​


In our march towards our strategic vision & achieving our missions on all levels, we are controlled by our mutual values which will always be our basic and first priority and reference.

Leadership by Results: We believe that the range of our achievements & dimensions of our success are the natural outcome & material, tangible reflection for the effectiveness of our leaders & the real indicator of their efficiency, compliance  in every position and  area of specialization. 
Loyalty & Institutional Excellence: We are careful to construct an institution in order to adopt the efficient persons & to develop the knowledge & deepen the institutional loyalty within an environment of creativity and excellence for enhancing the collective efforts.   
Societal Responsibility: Our daily interactions reflect our understanding to the ambitions of our society as well as asserting the depth of our compliance to deepen the roots of our reputation and to enhance our credibility in the minds and hearts of our clients.
Partnership and Alliances: We are careful to both building the strategic partnerships and alliances which enhance our potentials & integration of our resources and achieving more success and development for all categories of our clients. 
Investment & Financial Revenues: Our increasing profits, revenues are a legal right for all beneficiaries of our investments and a tool utilized for our permanent endeavor towards the development and enlargement.  

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