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Visiting families for research purposes, and studying of social status of minors, to provide recommendations in order to achieve provision of proper care, such as: financial, social, housing, in kind, educational, and health care & support.

Providing support, and financial, social, educational, health, housing, and in-kind care, in addition to rehabilitation assistance for minors and mothers, through purposeful and effective programs, after studying and evaluating the cases.

management of the estate, monitoring and inventory of the estate, settlement of disputes between heirs, conciliations, management of minors’ properties, and the distribution of legitimate shares to the heirs, and following-up the supply process of the minors’ shares from the legacies administered by guardians or the legal agents of heirs.
In addition to the monitoring and inventory of interdicted or attached properties, and following up the supply process of such properties, in the capacity for the institution as legal guardian, and to properly manage their real estates.


Social Programs for Minors:

Based on our vision (Qualified Minor and Growing Waqf), our care for our children and our belief that every diligent worker must reap the benefits of their labor, here we meet again as we do each year. In addition, as we believe that recognition and care prompts the individual to achieve more and more, we find it incumbent to honor our distinguished students and academically superior graduates during an annual ceremony held to urge everyone towards competition and excellence, for we, as a people “are obsessed with Number One” as it was said by our Leader H.H sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoom.
The challenges along the road to success and excellence are many. This road is no way easy, it is paved with obstacles; otherwise, we can never enjoy the taste of success and excellence when we reach them. An individual seeking any goal must have the determination and resolution that enable them to achieve this goal. We came to this ceremony for share the joy of their success, and to say to them “God Bless you and bless your achievements”.
The purposes of this ceremony also include the following:

  1. Emphasizing the effective role of the foundation in honoring its minors and encouraging them towards success and excellence.
  2. Imbuing the spirit of competition among the minors and encouraging them towards success at all educational levels.
  3. Sharing the joy of success and excellence.
  4. Communicating with the adults receiving the foundation scholarships, and sharing with them the joy of their graduation.
  5. Honoring caretakers and emphasizing their role in helping their children reach excellence. On an annual basis, the foundation honor some of its academically superior students after determining and including then in the list of students whose results are not less than 85% (240 students); furthermore, the graduates honored by the foundation has also been honored in various and rare specialties (6 students).

The foundation pays the study fees to outstanding minor students from the low-income, middle-income or financially stable categories who succeed with 85%; the foundation also pays the university fees of the minors among Decree holders. The instructor’s role is to follow up, guide, lead and help the minors until they graduate and then crown this achievement by honoring them at the annual ceremony and giving them financial rewards.

Our strategic objective is the effective communication with the minors and their families. Therefore, Department of Care and Rehabilitation is implementing a program of holidays and congratulations as a part of the annual plan “your Fuala is our treat” which aims at reducing the burden of Eid expenses and drawing the community attention to this category of people distinguished by Allah! At the foundation in the Emirates Hall, 100 families of the low- income and middle-income families to provide them with Eid sweets and fruits, which will be provided by external parties, hoping to achieve the strategic objectives of the foundation and management.

  1. Sharing this joyous occasion with the minors and their families to fill their hearts with the joy of Eid.
  2. Reducing the burdens and expenses of Eid on families.
  3. Giving the external parties the chance to provide care and services for this distinguished by Allah category.
  4. Drawing the attention of the community to the services provided by the foundation to its minor children and their families.
  5. Activating the role of the strategic partners of the foundation.

Program summary:
In this regard, and based on the foundation keenness to extend bridges of communication with the minors and their guardians as well as activating the foundation role in providing educational care as usual by sharing the reception of the new school year with its children, Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation has organized a program under the slogan “back to school 2016/2017.”
Program Objectives:

  1. Providing the caretakers with the appropriate ways to motivate the student to study.
  2. Encouraging minors to love and excel in study.
  3. Extending bridges of communication between the foundation and its children.
  4. Filling children’s hearts of joy and putting smiles on their faces by school gifts.
  5. Reducing the costs of school needs.


Initiatives of Legacies Department for the happiness of heirs:

Convenience initiative

Providing service at the client's residence, this initiative is aimed for the sake and convenience of the elderly and widows, during the legitimate waiting period upon the husband's demise.

Trust initiative

Evaluate the assets of the estate and find the best prices for sale in cooperation with Emirates Auction Company, at the will and discretion of the heirs.

In Your Account initiative

Delivering the cash receivables of heirs, by bank transfer to their personal bank accounts, instead of the regular process of issuing checks, then attending the institution, receiving checks and finally checking the bank for disbursement.

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