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​Development of the Endowment

​The Awqaf & Minors Affairs Foundation undertakes the works of legal guardianship regarding the endowments. The Foundation takes care of, invests and manages the endowments and disposes of the proceeds thereof in the limits of the conditions put by the endower and to the extent materializes the Sharia objectives of the same.Within the framework of this law and according to the Islamic Sharia, the Fo​undation takes the procedures necessary to protect the properties of the minors, fully and partially incapacitated persons and the missing and absent people and to take care of their affairs.

We seek to develop our endowments through the following:

To urge and encourage the community to support the charitable and philanthropic works, to facilitate the individuals’ participation in the Ongoing Charities (Endowments) and to call for reviving and instilling this good conduct.

To efficiently manage and invest the endowment funds through:

  1. Establishing successful economic projects and developing them according to the rules of the Islamic Sharia.
  2. Leasing the endowment installations according to a well-studied policy.
  3. Rendering quality services to our clients from all sectors of community.To execute the conditions of the endowers according to clear standards of entitlement to reach a societal development tangible on the ground.​





The Endowment Way-Out (Disbursement) for Islamic Affairs:

The mosques are highly respected by Muslims. This is demonstrated by the great numbers of mosques and the endowments thereof. The Awqaf & Minors Affairs Foundation seeks through this way of Waqf Payments to take care of the houses of Almighty Allah in order to exercise their distinguished role as religious and cultural centres in the community.


Endowment Way-Out on Health:

It is the endowment which proceeds are singled out for providing the health services to the patients who have nobody to take care about them. The Foundation spreads the concepts of health development and the health awareness among the community members. The Foundation supports the specialized centres and provides the appliances necessary therefore to the extent upgrading the standard of medical services in the community.

Endowment Way-Out for Education:

The proceeds of this endowment are allocated for supporting the educational institutions and provision of the requirements thereof. This endowment assists the students. It supports the scientific studies.

It assists the distinguished students who are in need of help. It holds the scientific conferences and prepares the researches. It encourages the scientific and cultural talents. It directs and looks after the same. It urges the members of the community to give more attention to knowledge and education and to explain its role in progress of the mankind and development of communities. This endowment contributes to the advancement of the styles and mechanisms serving the scientific and cultural fields.

Endowment Way-Out for the Social Affairs:

From the springboard of our believing in our duty towards the community, we do through this endowment takes care of the needy categories in the community such as the poor families and the patient families who are in need, the orphans and the people of special needs and other categories.

Endowment Way-Out on righteousness and piety:

The proceeds of this endowment are applied to convey the concepts of good deeds and piety to the community. It covers different aspects of good deeds for which no specific funds are allocated.​​

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