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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our Vision ​

​​To be the pioneers in managing and investing assets of minors and endowments​​​​​

 Our Mission ​

​​​Become a model for sustainability and a pioneer in managing and investing the assets of minors and endowments by utilizing leading technologies, implementing progressive policies, forming strategic partnerships and offering exceptional services to attain Dubai’s vision of excellence​​

Societal Responsibility

​Our daily interactions reflect our understanding to the ambitions of our society as well as asserting the depth of our compliance to deepen the roots of our reputation and to enhance our credibility in the minds and hearts of our clients.

Investment & Financial Revenues ​

Our increasing profits, revenues are a legal right for all beneficiaries of our investments and a tool utilized for our permanent endeavor towards the development and enlargement. .​

Leadership by Results ​

We believe that the range of our achievements & dimensions of our success are the natural outcome & material, tangible reflection for the effectiveness of our leaders & the real indicator of their efficiency, compliance  in every position and  area of specialization​.​

Partnership and Alliances

We are careful to both building the strategic partnerships and alliances which enhance our potentials & integration of our resources and achieving more success and development for all categories of our clients. ​

Loyalty & Institutional Excellence​

We are careful to construct an institution in order to adopt the efficient persons & to develop the knowledge & deepen the institutional loyalty within an environment of creativity and excellence for enhancing the collective efforts.  ​

​ ​ ​​


Advancement of reliance on self-resources

Achieving of financial independence, by providing creative and marketable products and services.

Maximization of revenue

The development and diversification of income sources, and increase the return on investments and assets, besides the attraction of endowment donors, and raising the efficiency of collection of minors resources within Islamic framework, that provides a sustainable safe investment environment, for the proper development of Awqaf and minors’ funds.

Expenditure control

Increase the efficiency of financial planning, commitment to budget, and enhance the productivity of employees, reduction of operating expenses, prevention of waste of resources, in addition to the optimal utilization of available resources.


Maximization of minors care

Rehabilitation of minors and the like, in the fields of education, health and social welfare, and respond to their new needs and expectations, and improve their living conditions.

Development of donors relationships

Increasing transparency and diversifying channels of communication and collaboration mechanisms with the donors, to gain their trust and increase their support for the programs and priorities of AMAF, in order to increase the number of donors and Awqaf assets.

Development of partnerships and collaborations

Enhancing productive partnerships with government institutions and private sector companies, related to areas of investment, regulation and development of assets, care of minors and the like, and development of community.

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