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In cooperation with Emirates Red Crescent, Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation (AMAF), through its salma Humanitarian Relief Program has provided more than 70,200 ready to eat, pre-packed highly nutritious Halal meals to the people of the Socotra Yemeni islands.  Located in the Indian Ocean, Socotra is an archipelago of four small isolated islands, which are still recovering from the ravaging consequences of the tropical cyclone Megh.

The salma Humanitarian Relief Program distributes highly nutritious, 100 percent Halal meals to regions of the world ravaged by war and natural disasters cutting across class, religion and color. The program, which draws on sustainable waqf funding as well as donations from citizens and residents in the UAE, is considered to be an exemplary initiative as part of Dubai’s commitment to be the global capital of Islamic economy.

Speaking about the latest shipments of salma to Socotra, His Excellency Tayeb Al Rais, Secretary General of AMAF, said: “The salma Humanitarian Relief Program targets all those impacted by wars and natural disasters-its humanitarian mandate is global. This particular donation is close to our hearts as it concerns Socotra, an integral part of Yemen. Given the deep-rooted and long-standing historical relations between our two countries, Yemen receives special attention and assistance whenever possible from the UAE leadership and people.”

He added: “Islam is a religion of generosity and benevolence. The UAE seeks to embody the culture and values of this great religion through its cross-cultural humanitarian initiatives. selma distributes meals and hope to anyone afflicted by wars and disasters regardless of color, religion or ethnicity.  This program embodies the noble values of Islam.”

The Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation has the next shipments of salma ready to be sent wherever and whenever required to assist in restoring hope by relieving human suffering and hunger.

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