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Public News Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation Provides Training on Performance Management System to Employees

News Date: April 07, 2019
Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation Provides Training on Performance Management System to Employees

Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation (AMAF) organized specialized workshops on the performance management system approved by the Dubai government for its department and organizational unit heads as well as for the other employees. The sessions were part of the Foundation’s continuing efforts to provide professional development opportunities to its personnel.

The training covered subjects such as organizational performance planning, review and evaluation of performance and development plans to achieve target results, setting career goals in line with the SMART system, and recognizing excellence.

The workshops for department heads and organizational unit managers introduced the participants to their roles and responsibilities in evaluating individual goals according to strategic and operational plans, implementing professional qualification indices, and creating and updating career development plans. 

Employees below the managerial level were offered training to enable them to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the performance management system and the mechanisms for goal setting that can enhance their professional skills and careers.

The workshops served as a value addition to the employees through their application-oriented approach that leveraged exercises, practical models, discussions, and short lectures.

His Excellency Ali Al Mutawa, Secretary General of AMAF, said: “Continuous professional development is a basic requirement to raise performance quality, enhance the efficiency of departments and organizational units, and equip human resources with new and advanced skills. We offer regular training sessions in collaboration with specialized institutions that have a positive impact on the competency of our employees and the happiness of our customers.” 

He added: “Dubai has become a global role model in improving government services, measuring government performance, and enhancing customer happiness. The government-approved performance management system provides a foundation for our work that seeks to promote the culture of endowment and encourage innovation in the field, as well as provide care and empowerment to minors.”

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