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​​​​​​​​​The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section is a compilation of commonly asked questions from users and customers of AMAF. Please click on the question to view the answer.​


How is the estate calculated?

It is calculated by dividing the inherited shares to the heirs as shown on the Sharia declaration issued by the competent court.

How is the estate of a minor separated from the heirs?

Liquidated funds: The share of minor is separated from the heirs upon the completion of the final inventory of the estate and proving the rights. In kind property: (Such as lands and real estate) Heirs are advised to register the property as per the Sharia declaration with the competent Section, otherwise (licenses, vehicles, stocks, etc…) the separation is carried out upon the request of the heirs.

How the minor’s procedures are completed when becoming adult?

The Association hands over the minor his/her funds when becoming adult based on an approved certificate issued from the competent court.

How the minors’ demands are dealt with?

First: Payment of assistance from the Association to the minors: • The file is studied by the social researcher in the Research and Guidance Section and the family is contacted through a phone call to obtain some key data and set an appointment for the field visit. • A field visit is carried out to the accommodation of the minors to recognize their needs and living conditions and then a social study is conducted about the minors’ and nurse’s needs and recommendations are presented to the Head of the Research and Guidance for approval. • Recommendations are referred to the Welfare Section, where the recommendations are executed by the welfare-specialized social guide. • Note: Assistance is paid to the minors of middle income whose monthly income is less than (3000) Dirhams per minor, except if the minor is living in a lease house, where the minor is assisted within the fixed income whose monthly income is less than (4400) Dirhams (the value of social security assistance per capita). Second: Payment from minors’ money: • The application is to be submitted by the custodian or nurse with the required documentation based on the type of the application. • The application is studied by the Social Research Section and the family is contacted for the purpose of inquiry and assuring that the minor will benefit from the application. • In case of approval, the application is referred to the Department of Financial Affairs for payment. • In case of rejection, the applicant is notified of the rejection with justifications.

How are the profits earned from investing the minor’s funds dealt with?

They are transferred to the minors’ accounts listed on the financial system with the Association at the annual closing of the financial accounts.

How are the Association’s revenues calculated?

In its revenues, the Association depends on: • Rents collected from the Association’s real estate • Charges and penalties • Investment proceeds • Waqf (endowment) real estate management charges

How the minors’ funds are invested?

• All cash money of the minors are to be invested in the general investment portfolio managed by the Foundation and divided into a group of the different investment assets. The same includes real estate assets, shares in many companies and investment in many investment portfolios managed by a number of local and international major companies. All that takes place according to the Islamic Sharia rules, pursuant to the Foundation establishing law. The profits are divided according to the ratio of contribution by each minor in the portfolio on an annual basis, with the annual closing of the financial year, and submitting a statement of the minors’ account upon request of the guardian or the custodian. • The minors’ investments in the Association are followed up. For example, if the investments are real estate, the Association shall fully manage these real estates and transfer their revenues to their accounts and if they are other investments, the Association will follow them up on an investment basis.

How the Payment applications for minors’ needs are processed?

The payment applications for the minors’ needs have to observe the following: Submitting an application signed by the applicant fulfilling the conditions after being approved by the Social Research Section/Estates based on the application type and availability of balance then a cheque in favour of the supplier or beneficiary is issued.

How permanent and temporary (salaries for the financially disabled and parent-less persons) salaries are paid?

1. A monthly alimony statement is prepared by the Social Research Section based on studying the needs determined by the Social Research Section. 2. Monthly and fixed assistance statement is prepared based on the adopted policies of income classification as approved by the Association. 3. The statement is transferred to the Department of Financial Affairs for approval and electronically transfer it to the beneficiaries’ bank accounts.

How is the Zakat calculated and dispensed (distributed)?

• Upon an agreement with the Foundation’s Sharia Committee, the year on which basis the Zakat shall be annually calculated is determined. It is November of each financial year – this is for all minors whose financial balances reach the Sharia Zakat-able limit. • At that time, the Zakat shall be made available and given to the low-income or no-income minors. If a surplus remains after such division, it shall be paid to the needy in the Zakat categories of eligible to recipients, according to the societal needs, in cooperation with charitable societies or official or government bodies.

Where can I get a copy of AMAF Customer Service Charter?

You can get a copy of the Customer Services Charter by visiting the following link " Customer Services Charter "


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