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His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai launched an urgent international food aid project to bring help to the victims of disasters all over the world in Ramadan 2014.

​His Highness named the aid relief program “Salma” after the name of the first Emirati nurse who devoted her life to give care and treatment to people in the United Arab Emirates over 50 years. Being unique of its kind, “Salma” program provides conserved halal meat to the victims in distress because of the natural disasters or wars and conflicts.

The provision of aid is carried out immediately and promptly according to an integrated charity program that guarantees its sustainability.

“Salma” project for urgent halal food aid to the victims of disasters is the outcome of a partnership between Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre and AMAF Dubai and Noor AWQAF in collaboration with the UN Food Program which helps in the management of producing approved and lasting and 100 percent halal meal packages. However, Dubai Humanitarian City will be the strategic partner who will provide the logistic support to the initiative all year long. “Salma” initiative aims to promote the Islamic sacrifice rituals and enhance the efficiency of the food alms in order to reach out to a largest possible number of the affected people in a transparent, sustainable, and
efficient manner in terms of cost.

The packages of the urgent food aids has specifications optimal to the conditions of disasters and catastrophes, such packages are less large than the boxes, costefficient in terms of production, lighter and handy to transport and deliver. These packages, which were initially made to NASA, are highly resistant to harsh conditions such as pressure and temperature. They can be stored up to three years without affecting the quality and freshness of the food inside.The project received the International Islamic Economy award for 2014.


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