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AMAF began the construction of the first environment friendly mosque in which green buildings techniques and standards will be employed as a model mosque for the future mosques in the Emirate. The Green Mosque is one of the initiatives proposed by AMAF in Dubai which will bring about considerable changes to the construction standards of mosques in Dubai and the UAE in general.

The mosque, which stretches over a land area of 105,000 square meters and a construction area of 45,000 square meters, is located in Bur Saeed area and can accommodate 3500 worshippers. This new mosque makes the biggest mosque in Dubai in terms of area and number of worshippers.

AMAF has taken into consideration the green buildings standards in carrying out this project and committed itself to apply thermal insulation system and save energy consumption by the use of programmed and automatic thermostats fitted into all air-conditioned buildings, besides fitting the external central exhaust fans with energy restoration units and a control system to reduce the amount of the external air in case it is not needed. The construction building also uses bright, temperature reflecting colors especially on the facades and roofs. The building is regularly maintained and uses alternative energy means like solar energy, nevertheless, the use of Ozone harmful gases in air conditioners or construction materials like Asbestos and Polystyrene is restricted.​


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