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The endowments participation is considered one of the civilized models of the charitable endowment aiming at adopting & adopting the charitable activities in favor off the Muslim society. The idea of the project includes all classes of society to enable all people to receive the reward in accordance with the Prophet sayings and

deeds as defined in the following correct Hadith: “Should the man die, his work will be ceased except for three: current charity or beneficial knowledge or a good offspring praying for him, narrated by Muslim.


This is evidence proving that the endowments participation is a current charity benefited by the man in his life and after death as well to ensure that his good deeds are still ongoing till the Judgment Day.


There are several goals considered by the Awqaf & Minor Affairs Foundation to achieve them in consideration of proposing this project. Such goals could be mentioned as follows:

  • To call for survival of the endowment & spread the charitable deeds inside the U.A.E society.
  • To increase the private capital and establish the charitable projects.
  • To provide the opportunity for the people of all classes of society, seeking for charity deeds instead of restricting it only on the rich.
  • To find moderns & dynamics for the endowment to facilitate gaining the reward.​


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