Conference Guest
Mrs. Bahia Baha’a Elddine Hariri
GoodWill Ambassador for the UNESCO
Deputy in the Lebanese Parliament
Head of Parliamentarian Committee for Education in the Lebanese Parliament
Member of the Lebanese Parliamentarian Committee for Child‘s Right
Member of the Lebanese Parliamentarian Committee for Foreign Affairs
President of the Woman’s Committee in the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union
Vice-President of The Arab Network for Non-Governmental Organizations
Member of the Board of Trustees of the Arab Thought Foundation
Associate-Member - Parliamentary Network on the World Bank – Arab Women and Girl
Member of the Advisory Committee of the “Shaqa’iq” Project
Member of the Advisory Committee of the “World Links Arab Region” Project
Date of Birth: 23 of June 1952
Place of Birth: Saida-Lebanon
Marital Status: Married to Mr. Mustafa Hariri since 1973 with four children Nader, Ghina, Ahmad, and Oula.
Hobbies: Reading especially History and Bibliography.
Education: Teaching Diploma
Previous Jobs: Public School Teacher from 1970 until 1979
Present Jobs:  
On the Local level:
Head of Hariri Foundation
Founder of the Children Public Library in Saida
Supervised the establishment of “Kafarfalous Complex” including “Saida’s Imstitute for University Studies”
Founder of “Nursing School” which is part of “Kfarfalous Complex”. After The Israeli invasion the school continued to operate in Saida until 1995.
Founder of “Saida Cultural Center”
Founder of “Rafic Hariri High School – Saida’’ formely “New Sidon School” part of “Kfarfalous Complex”
Established in collaboration with the French Organization Salve the “Orphan Care Program”. The Program helped 70 families all over 18 years
After the Israeli Invasion the Hariri Foundation in collaboration with the Municipality of Saida established “Municipality of Saida Projects Committee” where for the first time the civil society and the public sector worked together on the reconstruction of the infrastructure
1985 Founder of one of the largest Dispensaries in Saida: Family Medicine, Dentist Clinic, Ophthalmology, Physiotherapy, Dispensaries and Pharmacy.
Founder of Sports Complex in Saida which includes a school for
teaching different types of sports. Through this complex local and Arab sport activities are being organized
Founder of “Vocational Training Center” supporting women who lost their husbands
Deputy in the Lebanese Parliament
Head of Education Committee in the Lebanese Parliament
Member of the Board of Trustees of the Lebanese American University
Head of the non-governmental Organization “ Lebanese Scouts”
Head of the non-governmental Organization “Culture and Environment”
Established “Extracurricular Activities Center” which works on developing the children sense of management and enhances their abilities through social and cultural activities
Founder of “Memory and Belonging Project” instructing the students about their social and cultural environment, in addition to strengthening their nationalism
Founder of Baha’a Elddine Hariri Public School
Established “the Commission for Supporting the Martyrs of April 1996” to support the orphans of those Martyrs medically and educationally
Board Member of the University of Sciences and Technology and Sea Transportation - Alexandria
Board Member of the University of Technology/ Lebanese University-Saida
Head of the National Committee for Public Schools
Established “Saida Gatherings” which started under the name of “Al Khan Gatherings” and which promote education, culture and art
Established the “Municipal Council for Children”
Established “Anamelouna Center” for women empowerment
established Assembly for Principles of Public Schools in the area of Saida - Zahrani
President of Woman’s Committee in the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union
Established Hajj Bahaa Eddine Development Complex
Established Children’s Parliament
Established “We Have the Right to Succeed” project for students with learning difficulties
On the Arab level:
March 2000
Founder of the first gathering of Arab Woman Parliament Members
March 2000
Founder of the first gathering for the Arab Woman Press Members
March 2000
Vice President of the Woman’s Committee in the Arab Inter-Parliamentary
February 2000
President of the Woman’s Committee in the Arab Inter-Parliamentary
Vice President in the Egyptian Lebanese Solidarity Committee
Set the first of February as the Arab Woman Day
Founder of Woman’s Committee in the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union
Established the conference of “Continuous Conversation Among Arab Women” under the
Slogan of “together for one hundred years”
Established with the collaboration of the Arab League and the National Women Council the
“Congress of Arab Woman and Press Media”
President of Solidarity Committee concerned with Kuwaiti woman prisoners in Iraqi prisons
and Iraqi woman prisoners under United Nations Prohibition
Established in collaboration with the Arab League and the national Council for women in
Egypt the “First Arab’s Women’s Summit” which was held between the 18th and the 20th of November 2001.
Established the “ Arab Women Award” which was given this year to the Egyptian Actress
Faten Hamameh on the 30th of January 2001
Initiated and participated in organizing the “ Arab Women Member of Parliament Forum”
which was held in Damascus on the 1st of February 2001 to mark the anniversary of Arab Women’s Day.
Participated in the “ Arab Regional Civil Society Forum on Children” Rabat 15-16 February
2001 where she launched the Rabat Declaration “Towards a new Arab Decade for Children”
In addition to all what is mentioned above, Mrs. Hariri contributes in several cultural and educational organizations activities and financially supports many non-profit organizations in Lebanon
International Conferences:
Mrs. Hariri participated in many important international conferences, some of which are:
6 June 1996
“Parliamentarian International Conference on Education, Science, Culture
And Communication in the Twenty First Century” organized by the UNESCO - Paris.
October 1998
Exhibition “Lebanon the Other Side” organized by the Arab World Institute
till June 1999 in Paris
30 March 1998
Conference on “ Educational policies for development” organized by
Unesco in the Swedish capital, Stockholm. The conference is about globalization and the protection of nationality.
31 May 1998
Mrs. Hariri was the representative of Lebanon in “International Bacc
Conference” held in Montereau-Switzerland. The conference concentrated on teaching the student social sciences, history of his country, nationalism, in addition to considering the Bacc as an international educational program
5 October 1998
International Conference for Higher Education held at Unesco center
in Paris and tackled the issue of the relation between higher education and human Development.
4-5 October 1999
Participated in the conference called for by the Kuwaiti Women Inter-
Parliamentary Union, the Arab Peninsula and Gulf countries research center, Kuwaiti University after the Prince Declaration, which gave the Kuwaiti woman her political rights.
November 1999
Participated in the Parliamentary conference on “Women participation in
Parliamentary life” held in the Tunisia parliamentary house
6 December 1999
Participated in the “Preparatory Meeting for the Conference on the
Development of the Role of Parliaments in the third millennium” held in the Parliament in Beirut.
17 February 2000
Participated in the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union Conference held in
Algeria. During this conference the Woman’s Committee in the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union was founded and Mrs. Hariri was elected as a vice president for this committee
28 May 2001
The International Seminar : Small Historical Costal Cities: Urban
Development – finding balance among land , sea and people organized by the Hariri Foundation, UNESCO, and the Minicipality of Saida
October 2002
Euro-Meditaranian Conference on Children’s Safety
1 November 2002
Thought Session “Arab Human Development Report 2002 Evaluation” Jordan
2 November 2002
Second Women Summit Jordan
16 January 2003
Jeddah Econmoic Forum – Saudi Arabia
2 February 2003
Women Forum on Education
11 May 2003
UNESCO expert Meeting on cultural Policies – Stockholm
6 October 2003
The First Economic Business Women Forum – Abu Dabi
12 January 2004
The Third Annual Conference on Children’s Rights- Tunisia
26 February 2004
annual Meeting of UNESCO GoodWill Ambassadors - Paris
Kuwait Appeal:
On the 4th of October 1999 Mrs. Hariri requested the first of February as the Arab Woman Day and
established the conference of “Continuous Conversation among Arab Women” under the slogan
“together for one hundred years”
Tunisia Appeal:
On the 18th of November 1999 Mrs. Hariri requested the establishment of the Arab Women Congress in the beginning of the third millennium
Algeria Appeal:
On the 17th of February 2000 Mrs. Hariri asked the Arab countries to work for the establishment of a democratic and developed society. She requested from all the Arab Press to meet the UNESCO’s request “Women Make the News for One Day” on the eighth of March 2000
Beirut Appeal:
On the 13th of December 1999 Mrs. Hariri launched a request toward more respect to human rights, better and more realistic analysis of our situation and a more balanced and developed society which will liberate women by word and action
UNESCO Appeal:
On the 18th of May 2000 Mrs. Hariri requested the consideration of the year 2001 as the year of Arab Women and she called for more efforts as for the educational, cultural, scientific and technological development of women
Khartoum Appeal:
On the 9th of February 2002 Mrs. Hariri asked Arab Women all over the world to consider the 8th of March a day where everyone stands for his/herself and called them to support the Arab Summit in Beirut.
Beirut Appeal:
On the 8th of March 2002 Mrs. Hariri declared the 8th of March 2002 as a joint day with women and Palestinain Intifada. She requested Arab leaders to support the participation of Parliamentarian Women in the next Arab Summit.
The legislations concerned with the protection and freedom of women:
The law concerned with woman traveling without the permission of her husband and which was forbidden before
The law concerned with the right of women to practice trade and which was also forbidden before
The law concerned with the benefits a women could get from her job in the employees Cooperative
In addition to many legislations related to the social development of both women and men
Lebanese Cedar Award at the level of Lieutenant as recognition of her services in Social and
Cultural fields.
“Legion d’honneur” awarded by the French President.
The “ Golden Apple” Award delivered by the National Union of Writers and Touristic journalists
The “ Agha Khan” Award as a recognition for the reconstruction of the “ Big Omary Mosque”
The International Olympic Committe Award delivered by the Lebanese International Olympic Committee